The Beginning Of Power


The Tao Te Ching is a great tool for enhancing interpersonal relationships and integrating into our daily lives the integrating qualities of leadership. It is a classic which serves to be more centred when dealing with situations, whether at personal and corporate levels, but just reading and applying the principles is useful, however, there is an aspect of this teaching which completes the picture, otherwise it just becomes an academic exercise. The verse below lays the foundation for the beginning of a road to personal power:

The Tao that can be expressed

Is not the Tao of the Absolute.

The name that can be named

Is not the name of the Absolute.


The nameless originated Heaven and Earth.

The named is the Mother of All Things.


Thus, without expectation,

One will always perceive the subtlety;

And, with expectation,

One will always perceive the boundary.


The source of these two is identical,

Yet their names are different.

Together they are called profound,

Profound and mysterious,

The gateway to the Collective Subtlety.


(Ref: “The Tao Of Power”

A New Translation of the Tao Te Ching by

R.L.WING…….p27 verse 1).

In his statements one finds that Lao Tzu is amazingly obscure and mysterious. This is not surprising as there is an underlying mystery behind this Philosophy, the source of course is a spiritual essence, looking at the world by first seeing beyond the mind. The person who meditates on the mystery of life will see through the teachings without any difficulty. The Tao, also spoken of in other traditions by different names, cannot be spoken of as it is transcendental and not the written word, it is the subtle energy which can only be revealed.

The Ultimate Reality, or the Absolute, as Lao Tzu rightly calls it, cannot be expressed because it is inexpressible, complete in itself, hence beyond any description. Because it cannot be expressed, equally, it cannot be named as it is beyond any labels and boundaries. Absolute means it has no beginnings or endings, it is complete, nothing will increase it by adding anything to it, and nothing will decrease it by subtracting from it. In other words, one can neither add to it, or take away from it, because it is already complete, an Absolute state.

The nameless, or the Absolute is the manifestor of all creation, yet, itself remains unmanifest. The named, or the Tao, is what supports the evolution of the universe, it sustains all levels of creation and hence is called the Mother of All Things.

In the third verse I find a great esoteric Truth, “thus without expectation, one will always perceive the subtlety;” when there is an expectation in an inward journey, one does not come or abide in a state of neutrality, hence what is there is never grasped, and looking and moving in the world outside, one comes to hit limits because it is all action is centred from the mind, hence one always comes across boundaries or barriers. The statement clearly calls for letting go of expectations and any preconceived ideas. In this manner of letting go, one sees things as they are and not based on any judgement and hence free from prejudice. To put it more simply, to live in the moment is what is required.

In verse four, greater clarity appears. Although the names are different, but there is only one source. It is the development of the subtlest power, which allows the individual to be more centred and hence the energies are directed in a more positive and conducive way. This can only result from a mind which is uncluttered, free from judgement and preconceived ideas. Such clarity cannot just come from a mental process, one has to go beyond all the chaos and work from an inner stillness.

Working from scripts or scriptures maybe useful but it is not the whole picture. Working with the Tao is to sit in meditation and access that stillness, to be living the spiritual life. The Tao has to be revealed by a competent Enlightened Master, someone who is then able to reveal this state to others who, like the Master, will rejoice in the same state of Absoluteness. Meditation on the Tao or in the tradition of the East, the Light and Sound, clears out all old energies and breaks binding patterns, hence give way to the new energy, which is far more subtle and creative. This cycle of meditation and then be active in the world allows the individual to be more in harmony with others and at peace with himself/herself.

Here, I must emphasise the point that we are living in great fortunate times, where access to such subtle energy, the Tao or the Light and Sound, is available through the grace of an Enlightened Master. This Master is here now, and he too will leave this physical plane at sometime, so, a sense of urgency is called for, what needs to be done now, cannot be put off till tomorrow, since in reality, only NOW exists. It is a message to all to avail themselves of this rare opportunity and live the life which the scriptures only talk about.

The Uncarved Block


The following is a verse taken fro the classic Tao Te Ching whose authorship is attributed to the great Chinese sage, Lao Tzu. The eternal source of all things, the TAO as it is called here, cannot be named or expressed in words, but can only be lived. The verse is so simple, yet profound, I have chosen the heading myself. So, let us see what the great sage is trying to tell us:

“Know the strength of man,

But keep a woman’s care!

Be the stream of the universe!

Being the stream of the universe,

Ever true and unswerving,

Become as a little child once more.


Know the white,

But keep the black!

Be an example to the world!

Being an example to the,

Ever true and unswerving,

Return to the infinite.


Know honor,

Yet keep humility.

Be the valley of the universe!

Being the valley of the universe,

Ever true and resourceful,

Return to the state of the uncarved block.


When the block is carved, it becomes useful.

When the sage uses it, he becomes the ruler.

Thus, “A great tailor cuts little.”


-Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. Verse 28.

(Translated by Gia –Fu Feng and Jane English.)

The verse expresses the need to operate from our true nature, or working from the Tao, where peace and harmony resides, and by returning to that and working from our peaceful nature can we bring harmony into our outward environment.

In the first verse it is pointed out to be aware of our strength, the strength of man as it is referred to the masculine nature and yet to keep a woman’s care, the gentle, nurturing and preserving attitude of the feminine is called for to maintain balance. Being the stream of the universe is just being, letting nature just flow, to just observe and allow nature to take its course without any resistance. The key point to note is to act from humility. By doing this, the true nature of the Tao will not be diminished and it is to become like a little child, all innocence, no judgement and just letting things be as they are flowing in their own natural way.

In the second verse, the sage living the Tao invites one to live in a virtuous way, the way of the Tao. To see nature unspoilt by culture. The pattern of the world, which is unspoilt by humans, is the manifestation of the Tao, the mother of 10,000 things, perfect as it is, needs nothing to be improved. Rather than resist or change, just go along with the flow, trusting in the perfection of the Tao and returning to infinity by letting go of the ego.

The third verse reminds the importance of living virtuously, acknowledging honour, yet at the sametime to act humbly. This is calling for action in accordance with the way of the Tao, the eternal power, the source of everything.

Being the valley of the universe, it is being resourceful, creating and retreating, ever flowing, forming and unforming. The uncarved block, signifies the state of Absoluteness, no edges, no boundaries, nothing touches it, the endless state ever gushing forth the abundant life. Being the valley of the universe is to act with humility, free from the ego and just being resourceful, just letting nature flow or go with the Tao.

Finally, carving the block is the bringing forth of that nature to the physical level, living from the state of Absoluteness, the sage acts in accordance to its true nature, and hence is a ruler by way of knowing that everything in the universe is perfect as it is. The uncarved block is then returning to the original source before its manifestation, the Absolute state.

This is the way of the Tao, or the spiritually Enlightened sage when he lives in service to what he/she has been gifted with by Grace. This subtle essence, spoken of in many cultures by different names, is the source of creation and can only be revealed by a Master who has become that Absolute Being and can then give it to those who truly seek it. The Master is here now, the moment is right and the opportunity to realize that wisdom is here. Those who are serious can contact me through this website and I will be more than happy to assist.

J. Paul Mahay


The literature of the great mystical traditions is full of statements that speak of Devotion as the pillar of a spiritual quest, but the tragedy is that the intrepretors of the work of these great saints of reduce the definition to a very basic academic level. In the world of everyday living devotion gets defined as dedication, which is of course entirely different to devotion

Religion speaks of devotion to God and encourages the performance of rituals to demonstrate its devotion to God, which of course is all based on an idea of God since religion has no clue about God it believes in or worships. The waving of candles, the blowing of conch or the ringing of bells are all symbolic of the Divine Light and Sound, which of course has been taken from the teachings of Enlightened Masters or saints. Since there is nothing that religion can offer, it thrives on all the rules and the rituals in place.

So, what then is devotion in spiritual terms? Since no seeker has any knowledge of God prior to coming to an Enlightened Master, the use of words in spiritual traditions becomes a great support along with what a Master teaches face to face. The five senses can only comprehend the physical world and cannot grasp what is beyond them, vast levels of consciousness which are radiant and vibrant, the Light and Sound which supports all those levels and are revealed by a competent spiritual Master who is Enlightened and able to Enlighten other people.

The seeker who at one time had no knowledge of these inner worlds and is revealed the nature of the source of creation at initiation, gradually begins to appreciate the value of this rare gift from a Master and develops intense love and longing for this person as a toke of gratitude. Devotion then is realized as an aspiration for the highest in life, whereas dedication is merely an ambitious act. It is this demonstration by the Master to reveal the source of the formed worlds which takes the disciple ultimately to the same state as that of the Master, Buddhahood or Enlightenment or God Realisation. Is it a wonder then that the great sufi saint, Bulleh Shah says, “meditating on the Name of the Beloved, I have become the Beloved; whom shall I call my Beloved now?”

Devotion then gets manifested at a personal level, love and gratitude to the Master who is seen as the embodiment of the Light and Sound, some cultures call this principle as that the “Guru is the same as God,” which of course is not meaning the physical form. Since, it is the key that a Guru has to be present in the physical form to impart this grace, and the disciple sees all the qualities of unconditional love, kindness, charity, compassion and giving without any expectation, the love of the devotee intensifies into personal, until finally, one realizes God as Absolute Love and Absolut bliss through the compassionate act of the Master. This explains why Sultan Bahu, a great sufi saint, expresses his Love for his Master in the following verse:

“Were my whole body festooned with eyes,

I would gaze at my Master with untiring zeal.

O, how I wish that every pore of my body

Would turn into a million eyes –

Then, as some closed to blink,

Others would open to see!

But even then my thirst to see him

Might remain unquenched.

What else am I to do?

To me, O Bahu, a glimpse of my Master

Is worth a millions of pilgrimages to the holy Ka’ba.

       Sultan Bahu, BAIT 11.

This is true devotion, aspiring to the highest in life as opposed to dedication, which is worldly and based on ambition. One final message, I am often accused of teaching what was taught by other saints and living in the past. I must say that is absurd as all the teachings are just often used as testimonials left by others who have been here before in different parts of the World. My message is loud and clear, all this is happening now, at this very moment in history. The Master I talk about is not only Enlightened, but has Enlightened well over two hundred people in the last forty years, a number unheard of in history before this time. Any genuine seeker would want to know, so why just slander and not take the challenge. I have been given this miraculous state, anyone can have it too if they could just lay down their prejudice and accept what I have been saying repeatedly in my blogs and my website. This is a rare opportunity, so, please do not let it pass. There is no tomorrow, there is no other lifetime but only now.


The Ancient Way

We live in a World so different to what it was even fifty years ago, everything changes all the time at a very fast pace, Gurus and religious fanatics springing up claiming to have answers for all the ills of the world. Everyone in their enthusiasm churning out Philosophies which are not based on any spiritual knowledge of first hand experience or able to help a genuine seeker after Truth. Such Gurus can be challenged, but because of a lack of Philosophical understanding and the inability to question on the part of the seeker, it enables these Gurus to get away with anything. On the other hand, we have the devout religious, without an open mind, blurting out his or her system based purely on a book, which, then gets the credentials of being sent by God through his prophet or messenger.  Such philosophies taught to people are absurd as they do more damage than good because it robs the ability of the individual to think. It must be clearly understood that God is an ABSOLUTE state, which is complete in itself, and does not need anything. Since God has no centre, which means that God is everywhere and not located in one particular place, then the idea of choosing people to be Prophets is also not correct as much as that God has given Laws by which man must live. Everything here comes from God, God is perfect and only perfect can come from perfect. So, judging people is not the most elevating teaching because it implies that God judges God and then punishes itself, which of course is absurd.

If we study the teachings of the saints, whether from the East or the West, one thing is clear and that they talk of something which is way beyond any ritual, any institution, any book or religion. They speak I parables, “let the dead bury the dead” do something where “your graves shines the Light,” or “what you see is the dead walking” as well as “those that are not initiated into the mystery by an Enlightened Master are dead.”

Since all speak of the same mystery in many different ways hidden in parables, I will concentrate on the last one above. In the tradition of the saints, The WORD is called by different names, Shabad, Naam, Vani, etc., but it is not the written or spoken Word, so, that rules out completely the fact that a book can be a Guru or having been sent by God as an Absolute state does not take any part in the limits of creation. It is this WORD or Shabad which is the source of this creation, supporting all levels of creation. It is the oldest and the most ancient Path in the world, not any book or religion. This Shabda is what is known as the Light and Sound, it is not new, it is ancient. Whenever a True Master comes along, this is what he/she reveals to people, not giving any rules or books to follow. The revelation of this Light and Sound opens the Path within the individual who is given guidance regarding how to persevere and co-operate with the Master both within and without, so that eventually the final realization of discovering who the individual really is can be granted.

One point has to be understood very clearly, and that is, this Light and Sound is everywhere but it is not present in the individual already, as some deluded people are saying. To say that, it is not correct both philosophically and spiritually. The Light and Sound, although is the most ancient Path and is so vast, it too has to be transcended eventually to realize our true nature, which is infinite. This transcendence of Light and Sound is only possible by the grace of the Master. This may confuse the reader, but let me use an analogy here, suppose someone who is unable to walk is taken to an island by a boat and the driver lands at the shore, although the distance is covered and the destination is reached but the individual is till inside the boat and not at the shore. It is when the driver or the helper, which supports the disadvantaged passenger to step on the island, that is when the journey is complete. The Light and sound is the like the boat, the mind is like a cripple because it has no knowledge of its origin and is helpless, the grace of the Master is that helper who lifts the passenger to take him on to the island. Religion and books cannot provide that because they are limits and instruct people to perform action to get to God, which is a state of actionlessness. It just does not make sense that one can get to actionlessness using action.

The message is clear, and to conclude, it must be taken on board that neither religion nor any books have come from God. There are no chosen people or books sent here. To say ours was the prophet who was the only son of God or ours is the last prophet, is to say that these people have monopoly over God and people must go through them to get to God. My answer is that it is not possible for the blind to lead the blind. Whatever saints and prophets have come here are no longer alive, they came, did their bit and are gone, but God was, is and always will be. It is not God that is obsolete but religion is, regardless of what the devout believer says. My statements do not come from a belief system, but from the direct realization of this Absolute Truth through the Grace of my Master. Those who dismiss this because they are cynical, I personally invite them to accept my challenge and prove it otherwise if they can, but the Light and Sound is the oldest and the ancient, not any old beliefs and books.

Beyond Intellect

The continued attempt by scientists trying to discover how old the universe is, or wanting to know the beginning and the end of the universe is futile as it is quite antagonistic to the statement “that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed. This means that the universe has no beginnings and endings. There are many questions arising from these statement but the most prominent one being “do scientists understand the meaning of this statement?” If they do, then why are they continually spending vast amounts of money to find out where the universe begins? Religion, on the other hand, keeps telling people to follow the scriptures and just pray to God for the solution to their problems. All this has reduced God to a pile of rituals and helping people to become more and more unconscious, whereas spirituality is a real awakening and proves to the individual the needless for any dogma, rituals, austerities, pilgrimages or any other action that promises deliverance.

To make the situation even worse, certain religions teach that there is a soul which is part of God and has become imperfect by born in a human body, so, we are here to learn lessons and eventually, when all the lessons are learnt, then, this soul will become perfect and the individual will have realised God. So, this is a very convenient way of avoiding responsibility by religion to deal with the issues at hand. Again, there are many problems with this theory, it is termed as reincarnation. The mind can learn anything  because there is no end to learning, the more the answers, the more the questions, hence knowledge in that sense is futile as it has beginnings, middles and endings, a limit, which is fatalistic. Then, the Ultimate Reality, Infinite, God, or the Absolute state is undifferentiated, that is, it has no parts, so the idea that it fragments to become a soul is futile. If there was such a thing as the soul and is part of something which is perfect, then it also must be perfect and there is nothing to learn, as this also would contradict the statement that “God is omniscient,” an all knowing Being, which clearly states that God has all the knowledge it needs and no point in learning anything else. Finally, from the smallest particle to the largest mass, there are no repeats in infinity, therefore that just clarifies the dilemma that there is no such thing as learning in the sense religion promotes it. Moreover, upon attaining Enlightenment, God realisation, one discovers that there is only ONE thing everywhere, which is not trapped in anything, an irrefutable proof that the Cause of creation cannot be trapped in its Effect.

The proof that we cannot transcend limits using limits is evident from the statements we find in the world scriptures. The Bhagavad-Gita, a classic from the East, where Lord Krishna (the Master) speaks to his disciple (Arjuna) to clarify his doubt states, ” The senses are said to be greater than the body; but greater than the senses is the mind. Greater than the mind is the intellect, and what is greater than the intellect is the Self.”- Ch.3. v.4.

The mind, the intellect, play an important part in our lives but if we do not develop our mental bodies to a point that we are able to see the limits of these vehicles and question that which imprisons us in our daily lives, whether it is a belief system, a habitual way of thinking or religion, then we have failed. So, the question then arises, how can one go beyond the intellect to discover that beyond which there is no more to be discovered? Or putting it in a way that has been said thousands of years ago, ” what is it by knowing which nothing else remains to be known?”. The obvious answer to that is Enlightenment, God-realisation. And the solution is not in any book, regardless of how well it is written. The irony is that religion teaches that their book is a direct revelation of God, in that all we get is an argument and the reality gets missed. The irony of teaching people such theory is that, even the teachers, prophets or saints, whose teachings are embodied in those books are saying that you cannot realise God through prayers or reading books or chanting hymens in a religious place. Their message has been to find an Enlightened Master who has Enlightened others and having got the Light of God, just get on with meditation. Nothing can be gained by intellectual pursuits as that Ultimate Reality is beyond all thinking and imagination. The Self cannot be understood, “the Self understood by understanding is not the real Self which is beyond understanding by anything save ITSELF.”

There are so many teachers out there talking about Enlightenment, giving lengthy discourses and descriptions of God. Talking about Enlightenment from the level of the mind only, playing with words and giving the impression that they are the experts at what they are saying. Yes, they are experts at using flowery words, but there is no spiritual elevation to be found either amongst the Masters or the disciples. The only proof that someone is a spiritual Master is that the person must state his spiritual status as well as produce people that this Master has Enlightened, otherwise, please do not waste your time with such Masters.

The only way out of this creation is by way of taking the revelation of the Light of God from an Enlightened Master, meditating under his guidance and he/she will take you all the way to Enlightenment in this lifetime. He will not speak of other lifetimes as he proves to you that there are not any other lifetimes. Spiritual Enlightenment removes mans ignorance and replaces it with Absolute Knowledge of God. The individual becomes more aware of his responsibility and clearly sees that all religions, rituals or any other systems based on belief are mere prisons. The only way to free oneself is through the grace of an Enlightened Master. He gives revelation of the Light of God which is real, not visualisation, information or imagination, but an inner Light and Sound, which cannot be perceived by the physical eyes or heard by the physical ears.

Revealing the Path of inner Light and Sound is no ordinary task and only a competent and Enlightened Master can do that. Such a Master is honest, sincere and delivers what he/she promises in this very lifetime. I must stress the fact that the whole purpose of the presence of an Enlightened Teacher is not to entertain the masses by giving an interpretation of the scriptures, nor waste endless hours of his life in telling stories about the lives of those Masters who have left this earthly plane centuries ago. He is here to reveal the Path of Light and Sound within the individual, which ultimately leads to realisation of the ultimate goal of your life, Enlightenment, the discovery of the Cause of all causes, the Causeless cause, in this lifetime.

J. Paul Mahay

“Study me as much as you like,

you will not know me,

for I differ in a hundred ways from

what you see me to be.

Put yourself behind my eyes and

see me as I see myself,

for I have chosen to dwell in a place

you cannot see.”


– Rumi.




Beyond Religion

Religion and materialism has become one of a kind. Religion preaches that God cannot be known and hence must remain an object of faith
whereas materialism says that the existence of God cannot be proved, so, it does not exist. Neither of the two can prove their claims. Religion,
of which there are over three hundred, all indulging in the adoration of God, yet there is only ONE God but so many Religions. The purpose of
Religion is to take us “back to God” and in the years of my presence on this planet, I have not known any religion to have given God Realisation
to any individual, neither have I known anyone throughout history who may have attained to that exalting state of God Realisation or Spiritual
Enlightenment through any religious institution. That makes religion, as far as I am concerned, obsolete.

The next question then is, how can one come to realise their True nature in this very lifetime? The answer to this question is through Spirituality,
which is not concerned with any confined institution, ritual, dogmas, chanting, recitation of scriptures, worship of any deity or any individual who
claims to a Mastership through lineage. Spirituality cannot be inherited like the transfer of property or acquiring wealth after someone passes away.
Spirituality is an expansion of awareness, it is the revelation of the Divine Light and Divine Sound, called by different names in different world scriptures.
It has nothing to do with spiritualism or seances. It is a definite revelation, not information, imagination or visualisation, but the placing of the individual
on to a spiritual plane, transcendental, where the True Spiritual Path begins. That Master has to be Enlightened himself and proved himself that he/she has
Enlightened others.

This mystery has been hidden not only in the Indian traditions, but in many other cultures in the East. One such tradition exists in the Chines classic called
The Tao Te Ching. The TAO is the mystery about which Lao Tsu talks in that great classic.

“The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.”

The TAO is beyond words, beyond expression and cannot be named, because it defies description and is transcendental. Hence it cannot be spoken of and has
no name, it is the source of heaven and earth. The whole of creation arises from that Tao.

“The Tao is an empty vessel; it is used but never filled.
Oh, unfathomable source of ten thousand things!”

The Tao is like an empty vessel, means it is empty, nothing in it but is also full because it is always used but never needs filling as it is inexhaustible. Its depth cannot
be fathomed because it has no beginnings or endings, it is the source of everything in creation, referred to as the “ten thousand things.

Further on, the sage explains that:

“Oh, hidden deep but ever present !
I do not know from whence it comes.
It is the forefather of the emperors.”

The Tao is hidden deep because it is not visible to the naked eye as it is beyond senses, but is always present because it is the support of everything. The origin of it is not
known because it is beyond knowing and transcendental. It is the forefather of the emperors because it cannot be owned and is the ancient being which exists before everything.

The following verse of the Tao Te Ching really sums it up:

“Look, it cannot be seen – it is beyond form.
Listen, it cannot be heard – it is beyond sound.
Grasp, it cannot be held – it is intangible;
These three are indefinable
Therefore they are joined in one.

From above it is not bright;
From below it is not dark:
An unbroken thread beyond description.
It returns to nothingness.
The form of the formless,
The image of the imageless,
It is called indefinable and beyond imagination.

Stand before it and there is no beginning.
Follow it and there is no end.
Stay with the ancient Tao,
Move with the present.

Knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of Tao.”

That is a total summary of the nature of the Tao. The ancient, no beginning and no ending. Religions cannot reveal it because it cannot be comprehended but only revealed. I take the last three lines to be very crucial in a spiritual quest. “Stay with the ancient Tao. Move with the present.” My understanding is to seek the ancient Tao by moving in the present is indicative of the presence of an Enlightened Perfect Master who can reveal the Tao. “Knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of the Tao” seems a contradiction to the ordinary mind as we have stated that the ancient Tao has no beginning, then we talk of it at the same time. I will emphasise this point again, that knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of the Tao simply means that the “spiritual journey” to Enlightenment or God Realisation begins with the REVELATION of the TAO. No scriptures can help us, no matter how well they are written. They can only point the way, even then, the scriptures instruct to go and find an Enlightened Perfect Master who claims that he is Enlightened and can Enlighten you too in this very lifetime, since he/she knows fully well that there is only one lifetime. He will not discriminate between men and women, in fact, proves that God Realisation is not gender biased, it is for all those who desire it and will make the commitment as instructed by the Master or Guru. The time is of the essence, and those seeking this exalting state may leave their details requesting information about how to begin this journey.


I am indebted to Gia – Fu Feng and Jane English for the Translation of Tao Te Ching which has provided me with the verses quoted in this blog.

Analogy : By Michael Gilbert

Here is an interesting conversation between myself and another spiritual being. The subject at hand is looking at anology and how we it can help us to offer insights.

Sometimes it is useful to examine where the word comes from – its history. Analogy comes from two words. The Greek ana meaning “upon or according to” and logos meaning “word” or “ratio.” So, when we use analogy we are thining in a way that is using the principle of “ratio” or “word”. According to a word or ratio, what could this word or ratio be? Well – anything really.

Think about it. We all use phrases such as “its like” when trying to describe or explain something. In doing so, we are using analogy. We are using one thing to understand or convey to others an appreciation of something else.

As a key – analogy is a way of thinking about the world. We do it all the time unconsciously. But we can also do it consciously.

Here is a simple analogy. It is not true. Analogies are not true. But an analogy can offer insights.

Let us suppose as an analogy that God is Zero. And creation is One. What can we discover from this?

Well, we know that if we divide zero by any number we get zero. If we divide one by any number apart from itself and zero we get a fraction or a decimal. So, from this we could conclude that God is indivisible and Creation is divisible.

If we multiply, add, subtract or divide zero by any number we always get zero. That is zero cannot be changed. So we could conclude that God is immutable.

If we do the same with the number one, we get lots of different answers. So we can conclude that creation is mutable – changes.

Zero is not a positive number nor is is it a negative number. It is neutral. In fact it isn’t really a number at all. It signifies the absence of a number. All other numbers can be positive or negative but zero is neither – it sits between positive and negative and you cannot get much more neutral than that. But one can be either negative or positive.

So God is neutral. Of any analogy breaks down if we “push” as there isn’t any “thing” apart from or a part of Creation. And we cannot think beyond limits anymore than a bird can fly without wings. But can you see how by using analogy we may gain insights from thinking about one thing in terms of another?

Here is an analogy from the East. “The space within the space within the heart.” What does this mean? Well, when we usually think of space we think of space with a boundary. The space in a room. The space in a box. The space a building or a solar system occupies. But we always think in limits. We cannot think beyond limits. Now imagine a space that had for it edges another space. What would it be like? Try and imagine a space that has for its edges space. Difficult? Yet that analogy can as it were point to something – only point-that cannot be thought. Something beyond thought.

So a space within a space, would have no edges, no boundaries, no limits. And it is in the heart. And the heart represents love, and love accepts. So this phrase “the space within the space within the heart” is conveying by analogy the nature of something that cannot be expressed except by analogy or peotry. One cannot express zero. And creation cannot express what supports it.

No-thing supports everything by accepting everything.

A sage once advised, “always think from the macro to the micro.”

That way we see things in their rightful space. Look too closely and small things can look big, huge insurmountable. Yet, nothing is bigger than space. Space is where everything lives. But everything is not where space lives. Space lives alone. And like zero cannot be counted on to take sides.

So, sometimes we can use analogy to look at our life and our challenges in a different way. Maybe we can use analogy and pretend to be the spaceand swallow everything whole. Or maybe we can be fortunate enough to meet a man inside or outside who can reveal to us the mystery of our own existence.

Space that surpasses all understanding.


Initiation:The Greatest Beginning

Initiation:The Greatest Beginning

Our lives have many beginnings and each of them is a challenge to us, awakening our interest, and making us see the world with new eyes. For most of us our biggest beginning is birth when the whole world appears before us and everything is yet to be learned. This beginning is possible through the mystery of life. Life moves our bodies, life works our senses, life activates our minds.

But there is a bigger mystery, a greater start, one which few ever make, but which is so spectacular that it opens up vast new worlds, hidden universes, other planes of awareness. Life is that reveals this world to us. Just think of the mystery that reveals life itself.

We know that the universe is strange and majestic almost beyond imagination, but what of that subtle, vibrant energy called life that makes us aware of the universe? What do we know about that? Who can tell us where it comes from? Who can give us the means to know it? Who can give us eyes to see it? Who can give us greatest beginning of all?

A Truly Enlightened Master can, who has demonstrated his ability to take people from start to end of the Journey.

Such a Master has been doing exactly that since he started teaching in the year 1974.

Initiation means to be allowed into a mystery. What greater mystery can there be than life itself and what greater initiation than to know life, to enter into the mystery of life, and have the key to the whole universe? This has been the hope of man since his beginnings, through numberless civilizations. This means complete Self-knowledge.

In the Bible the guiding energy of the universe was called the “Word”, the subtle and original vibration. This was the voice of God, the Absolute or the Ultimate Reality, the mystical builder of all worlds. The Hindus talk of the Shabad (Word), the Sikhs call it the Anhad Shabad (unstruck melody) or Bani, the sacred sound of all sounds. In Islam it is called Bang-e-Asmani or Kalma, while in China the Tao, though hidden to sight, linked like a golden thread to all things. But while many have spoken these names, few have ever heard the Word, or contacted the Shabad, or seen the Tao.

Why is this? Because it takes the most exceptional power of all, Divine Power, to reveal this wonderful cause, the source of the created worlds. Few in millions of years come with that power. But when such a being manifests, the floodgates of knowledge are opened and man is carried away from the mysterious world and into its even more mysterious cause.

The Master (Guru) with whom I have spent the last thirty years and has conferred upon me the Absolute freedom, spiritual Enlightenment, or put it simply, God Realisation, has brought with him a fresh beginning for the whole of humanity. The Initiation he gives, which is just the beginning of the spiritual journey, is nothing less than the revelation of life itself. This is not a spoken initiation since words are weak with little power to change or awaken us. His instead is the highest revelation of all for he actually shows his initiates the “mysterious principle”, the eternal cause.

And how extraordinary this cause is! For it contains other worlds, vast universes never seen by any scientist or measured by any instrument. Wise and vibrant beings can be contacted there. Starting with initiation, the Master takes his Initiates on a journey without parallel. They are given the key to the cosmos.

What is this Initiation like? On a special day, when the individual is ready, an Initiating Adept – someone who has completed this supreme journey and given the special initiation to pass on the Grace of the Master, imparts it to the person by touch on the forehead. And where before, the initiate knew dark and silence, now there appears to his inner vision brilliant pure Light coming from the cause of even the brightest stars. And he hears a sound not formed by earthly objects but instead the original Word of God: the source of all universes.

Now the follower sees other worlds. His awareness has expanded far beyond his senses and far beyond his previous limits. He experiences a subtle, vital energy of matchless intelligence. He is guided through other universes. He realizes there is far, far more to himself and the world. His awareness will grow and grow bringing fresh insights and answering the deepest questions of all.

There have been many words spoken about this supreme mystery and much reverence given to books and scriptures. But words are not enough and nor is the strongest faith. An Enlightened Master does not bring words to his followers and his Initiation is not a mental one. Instead he brings factual knowledge of God. He reveals the face and voice of God. He proves that man is Divine. He demonstrates the existence of other worlds. He reveals the greatest beginning of all, then guides each initiate from this vast beginning to its supreme conclusion: Liberation, perfect Freedom; the mystery unraveled and eternally solved.

I am such a fortunate one who took initiation from this Master and he blessed me with this Ultimate Freedom, spiritual Enlightenment, and you too can share in this great miracle.

NB. I have used words he/his in this article. Nothing here is gender biased and terms are used for convenient purposes only.

Who is a Real Guru

The word Guru has become very common in the West along with Enlightenment. The language one uses maybe the same but when it comes to spirituality, the meanings are totally different. Guru is a Sanskrit word, which appears in the scriptures from the East dating back thousands of years, Gu means DARKNESS and Ru means LIGHT. Therefore, a True Guru is someone who is the dispeller of inner darkness, he is someone who is born from time to time as a repository of spiritual force which he transmits to the disciple, a unique gift called Grace. Saints from different cultures and at various times in history have spoken with great reverence of the role of such a Guru. Saint Kabir, a saint from the fourteenth century in India hails his Guru as someone who is indispensable and comes before everything, even before God:

“If Guru and God stood together,

To whom shall I bow (first)?

Praised be my Guru, through

Whose (grace) I have met God”.

The terminology used by the saints is so misunderstood by the masses that they interpret their teachings to suit themselves and reduce the whole teachings to the personality level, for example, “the Guru is the same as God” is very much abused and as a result, any questioning about what the Guru is and what they have actually said, reaches a dead end. When a True Guru, an Enlightened Teacher, actually comes along, he is quickly dismissed because of the conditioning of religion and the parents.

In reality, it is the Divine Form of the Guru, the Transcendental, Light and Sound. In Adi – Granth, the scripture which is revered by many in the East and West, Guru Nanak says:

“To see without eyes, hear without ears,

Walk without feet, work without hands,

To speak without the tongue,

To die whilst living;

O Nanak, recognize the Lord’s command

And merge with your Lord and Master.”

This meditative state beyond the senses is only accessible  through the Grace of an Enlightened Teacher, it is the revelation of the Light and Sound within the disciple. It is the grace of an Enlightened Teacher or the Guru, which humbles the disciple so much that he/she is so ecstatic, that they dance with joy. Kabir has expressed it very beautifully:

“My Master has given me the key

To the unyielding lock;

Whenever I like, I open the door;

Dressed in the dancing costume of Love,                                  

I enter the town whenever I please,

And I dance and dance in ecstacy.”

The heart of the disciple overflows with Love, humility and gratitude for the Master as they witness their own transformation. Where the disciple only knew darkness, they are know bathed in the Divine Light and Sound. Another saint in the Adi Granth describes it as such:

“I am a sacrifice to my Guru a

Hundred times a day.

He makes deities of men, and that

Without delay!

If a hundred moons were to rise,

And a thousand suns appear in the sky,

Even with such Light, there would be pitch

Darkness without the Guru.

And again, in the same scripture, Guru Arjan says:

“By Gurus grace openth the inner lotus;

In darkness dawneth light.

Who hath created (the universe),

Through Guru is he known;

By Guru’s grace came acceptance

To the foolish mind.

Guru is the real doer,

Guru hath the power to do;

Guru is God, now and forever.

Say thou, O Nanak, this hath God revealed to thee:

O Brother, without the Guru there is

No liberation (mukti).”

In most recent times, Swami Vivekananda, a great Yogi who was born over one hundred and fifty years ago, testifies to the spiritual power a great Master carries in comparison to the ordinary ones. In his book on Bhakti Yoga, he writes:

“Higher and nobler than all ordinary ones, are another set of teachers, the Avataras of Ishvara in the World. They can transmit spirituality with a touch, even with a mere wish. The lowest and the most degraded characters become in one second saints at their command. They are the Teachers of all teachers, the highest manifestation of God through man. We cannot see God except through them. We cannot help worshipping them; and indeed they are the only ones whom we are bound to worship.”

There is no doubt left by Swami Vivekananda as to the Spiritual Power which an Avatar carries with him, and I want to emphasise here that there are some Gurus, where they are neither themselves Enlightened, nor show any evidence of having imparted Grace revealing the inner Path of Light and Sound to their disciples, mislead mankind by making statements like an Avatar is someone who cannot grant Enlightenment to their disciple. This is absurd and a gross misrepresentation of the word Avatar itself. Below is a correct definition of what Avatar means, which is a statement from an Enlightenment Master, or an Enlightened Teacher, who has granted the same state of Enlightenment to over two hundred people globally at this time in history, as well as there are many at different stages of the Path. So, here it is:


All the scriptures bear testimony to the fact that when such a Guru comes along, he/she is not to be dismissed. Unfortunately, only the rare ones pay any heed to such statements. In my early teens, I would go and sit in a corner in a temple every Sunday listening to the devotional songs of the saints and ponder over their statements. At other occasions, I would hear preachers at the top of their voice that if such a Master were to come along today, they will sacrifice all they had to pursue him. Now I am in my sixties and see the hypocrisy of it all, just lip service. The Master is here today, and I find that people are too busy doing everything else and have no time to see what this Master is giving away. I can understand, it is just human nature, Saint Kabir testified to this nearly seven hundred years ago:

“The jewel of Nam and riches, a whole mine is open within me,

In huge quantities do I give it, but alas! No seeker is there.”

Now, I want to mention a very crucial point, the sense of urgency. The physical body of the Master or Guru is subject to the same physical laws, and a time will come when this gateway of having access to this great miracle will also close down with him leaving this earthly plane. Religion deludes people by promising them that there is reincarnation, other lifetimes, and this robs mankind of the rare opportunity available to them because THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS REINCARNATION. At Enlightenment, the individual witnesses this by himself through Grace. An Enlightened Master not only teaches that there is no reincarnation, but also proves it, like he has done to so many other people. God is Absolute and undifferentiated, which means, it has no parts, therefore, the idea of a jivatman, an individual soul is absurd. It is total garbage to preach that, what would be the point of Enlightenment if one was to discover that they were still trapped in billions of people

Teaching people that there is reincarnation makes them complacent, and they turn their back to an opportunity, which they will never have again, and can die without knowing the meaning to their life. Religion has to take responsibility for that blunder. The word religion is derived from the Latin word religare, re means back and ligare means bind, that is to bind back to God, yet in thousands of years of religious history, there has not been one person who has been Enlightened. My point is that it is not a belief system, which is what religion is, that will get you to Enlightenment, but the Grace of an Enlightened Teacher who is Enlightened, and of course, has demonstrated the he has Enlightened other people.

A Guru who carries so much spiritual power is not to be taken lightly and dismissed. Such a Guru is indeed the true Saviour and the Messiah, he alone knows what he has to do to get us out of darkness and lead to spiritual Enlightenment. Swami Vivekananda leaves no doubt as to what attitude we should have towards such a Guru:

“ The one thing necessary is to be stripped off our vanities – the sense that we possess any spiritual wisdom – and to surrender ourselves completely to the guidance of our Guru. The Guru only knows what will lead us towards perfection. We are quite blind to it. We do not know anything. This sort of humility will open the door of our heart for spiritual truths. Truth will never come into our minds so long as there will remain the faintest shadow of Ahamkara (egotism). All of you should try to root out this devil from your heart. Complete self-surrender is the only way to spiritual illumination.”

I have used statements from other Saints to point out the fact that the role of the Guru is indispensable, theirs are the testimonials I have used with humility, but I realised my state of Enlightenment through the Grace of my Guru nearly eighteen years ago, and I am a living testimony to the spiritual power he carries to help humanity at large. This article is my tribute to my Guru, whose own Enlightenment day falls in June. I express my deepest gratitude to him for giving me this amazing gift of Enlightenment and I am so humbled by his ceaseless effort to help humanity, his unconditional love, that I want to conclude by a quotation from the Sufi Saint, Rumi:







The Self

The Self

Why is it said that “we are all God but we just do not know it,” or “everything is inside us already when we search for God or Enlightenment”, yet nobody gets to Enlightenment?

The answers to the following question is simple and profound and something people never seem to consider.

On the planet today, there are billions not just millions of people, so why do these people not attain to Enlightenment if the above statements are actually true.

There is no “PERMANENT CENTRE” to any human being, the human being is just a continuous collection of experiences, and unless they go to an “ENLIGHTENED BEING” who can also give “Enlightenment” to others they will never attain to the actual state of Enlightenment, as this state is something they are allowed to “DISCOVER” through Grace.

Grace is an energy system that is there before intelligence begins in the universe, and is not an energy that is fatalistic, nor is it known within consciousness, and when someone does attain to Enlightenment, they discover for themselves that the individual they thought they were, never actually existed, as the only state which is permanent is the state of “Enlightenment” itself, this is why in their billions, human beings just wander around fulfilling fatalistic destinies yet die ignorant of why they existed and how they came to exist, always being “done to”, and “done by”, but never the actual “doer” in any proper sense, their futures hidden from them, and having the “unknowns” of their life as the reason for why they exist.

Ask yourself the question, ” if I am already God realised but I do not know it”, how am I hiding my larger Absolute Self, from my smaller self, while at the same time, it is my Absolute Self which is allowing my smaller self to exist? And of course, the answer is, that of course I am not Enlightened. This idea is just a romantic idea created within the mind and never challenged by proper meditation or access to Grace.

This myth remains out there among dozens of other “spiritual myths”. GOD HAS A PLAN, yet God is self-created and perfect, by being self-created it has no plan. A plan is for a future not yet revealed and not yet manifest. God has no future, it is everywhere and every thing and every action, or “WE ARE ALL GETTING TO GOD ONE DAY”, or  “WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES AND WE ARE LEARNING LESSONS IN EVERY ONE”. There is no such thing as a SOUL, only a SENSE OF INDIVIDUALITY, created by virtue of the fact that in a universe of perpetual motion, a universe continually virginal, there is never any repetition of anything in the same exact way, and this creates the “SENSE OF INDIVIDUALITY” people feel is their self, also God is Absolute and undifferentiated, it has no bits and therefore has no souls.

Why, when an individual can find value and meaning in life, would they not want to see and be the cause of that value? i.e. Enlightenment, why would billions wander around in complete ignorance of the Absolute when seemingly they are already that state but are somehow never pushing away the limits of the small self to allow the Absolute to be there?.

Again, it is because they cannot give themselves Enlightenment, that they live within the limits and boundaries of consciousness, with its perpetual set of opposites, i.e. love-hate, pain-pleasure, growth-decay, happiness-sadness and birth and death

Can science discover the cause of the universe?

No, science is as fatalistic as all other practises, and scientists, fulfil a fatalistic destiny just like any other human being.

To discover the cause of the universe, we would have to go beyond the universe, to a place where limits do not exist, and unfortunately, consciousness cannot go there, as it is created by limits and has no idea how it came to exist, as its cause is beyond where limits can go, consciousness can never get Enlightenment.